Training and Inspiration for Strategy Creators

Strategy Generation Company is a training and coaching company focused on teaching strategy creators how to tap into their own creativity, generate new strategic ideas, and build uniquely differentiated strategic plans.

We offer strategy training programs for product leaders, marketing leaders, and business leaders. But our training doesn’t focus on academic theories or case studies. Instead, we step participants through the process of developing real and actionable strategies for the products, markets, or businesses that they manage.

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“Strategy training is one of the most important investments that any business can make.”

Who Is It For?

Strategy Training for Product Managers and Product Leaders


Strategy Training for Product Leaders

Strategy is at the heart of every product manager’s role. Without it, the focus will always be on fighting the next fire instead of planning for the future.


Strategy Training for Marketing Managers and Marketing Leaders


Strategy Training for Marketing Leaders

Whether you are responsible for marketing communications or a vertical market segment, having a clear go-to-market strategy is a key part of any marketing leader’s role.


Strategy Training for General Managers and Business Leaders


Strategy Training for Business Leaders

Every business needs a strategy. And every business leader needs to know how to develop a strategy for the business or business function that they’re managing.


Inspire Your Future

Don’t let strategy training be an afterthought in your company. Let us help you develop a strategy training program for your team today!